Rwanda Teachers’ Union (SNER) held its first women teachers’ roundtable

Rwanda Teachers’ Union (SNER) held its first women teachers’ roundtable.

The SNER women teachers’ roundtable is a meeting gathering all SNER districts women teachers’ representatives, the national leaders of the union and invited guests. The women teachers’ network has been established by SNER in 2016 as a channel of improving gender and women participation in the union. As approved by the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of November-2016, the women teachers’ roundtable will be held annually as part of the congress or as part of the Annual Delegates’ conference (ADC).
The first women teachers’ roundtable took place on the 14th October, 2017 in Kigali convention center, Kigali. It was during the SNER 4th national congress that was conducted on the dates of 14th to 15th Octob

(The women teachers’ roundtable is attended by women teachers’ delegates from districts, national union leaders and guests)
As mentioned by the Secretary General of SNER, Mr. HARELIMANA Faustin, the women teachers’ network has been established for the following reasons:
• Improving the participation of women in the union leadership, activities and programs
• Identification and help in resolution of constraints that females are facing in teaching profession
• Help in improving gender equality in teaching, education system, and the society in general
• Promotion of quality girls education
• Help in making teaching a conducive job to females

(SNER S.G addressing the women teachers’ roundtable)
The SNER women teachers’ roundtable was attended by national and international guests from different organizations dealing with education, Gender and trade unionism.

(From Right: Mrs. BUKURU Marina from Burundi Teachers’ Union-STEB, Mrs. OKWALINGA Grace from Uganda National Teachers’ Union-UNATU, Mr. KALINGA MUNUHE Patrick From Kenya National Union of Teachers-KNUT, Mrs. MKANJALLA Rosalia from KNUT, Mr. UWITONZE Gaetan SNER rep for Primary Education and Mrs. MUKABARIHO Agathe SNER vice Chairperson)

(Mr. Flemming SORENSEN International Secretary-DLF Danish Teachers’ Union-Danmark)
The women teachers’ roundtable has been officially opened by Mrs. UWUMUKIZA Françoise, the president of the national women council on behalf of the honourable Minister of Gender and family promotion. Under her speech she told women teachers that the government of Rwanda, the Ministry of Gender and family promotion and the national women council recognise the role of women teachers, as teachers and women in general and they thankful for that. She explained to them various opportunities provided by the country to women and how the government did a lot to protect women and improve their welfare. From that she requested them to take advantage of those opportunities. The president of the national women council also promised to the women teachers’ network a good cooperation to improve women teachers’ welfare and gender in education system.

(Mrs. UWUMUKIZA Francoise, The President of the National Women Council officially opening the 1st SNER women teachers’ roundtable)
During the SNER women teachers roundtable it has been elected the national committee of the SNER women teachers’ network.

(The elected SNER National Women Teachers’ Network Committee)
From Left on the above picture, the elected committee members are:
1. National women representative: Mrs. UGIRIHIRWE Alodie
2. Vice national women representative: Mrs. NIYONGIRA Cecile
3. Secretary: Mrs. UMUTESI Diane
4. Adviser: Mrs. MUKAMANA Berthe
5. Adviser: Mrs. MAGNIFIQUE Therese
Speaking to the roundtable, the president of the committee Mrs. UGIRIHIRWE Alodie invited all women teachers to join the Network and promised hardworking of her committee to make sure that the network will be operational all over the country by the end of 2018.

(Mrs. UGIRIHIRWE Alodie Elected president of the SNER Women teachers’ Network)

1. SNER should develop the union gender policy before the end of 1st quarter 2018
2. The roundtable suggested that the committee at province level should be included
3. SNER should mobilize enough budget so that during the year 2018 there will be meetings of the network in all districts
4. Women teachers commit themselves to participate in union leadership and activities
5. Women teachers commit themselves to mobilize all women teachers to join the union and the network
6. The network should work with other women networks in FEATU for strengthening and getting more expertise.
7. Women teachers commit themselves to work with male teachers in the union to find solutions to teachers’ problems.
8. Women teachers commit themselves to mobilize all women towards gender equality and fight against gender based violence in Rwandan schools.
9. Women teachers commit themselves to do their best to ensure quality girls’ education and quality education in general in Rwandan schools
10. Women teachers commit themselves to ensure that there are necessary materials in schools to for girls menstrual hygiene management
11. Women teachers suggested that the ministry of gender and family promotion should involve teachers and particularly women teachers in the programs of gender promotion and children rights protection


The vision of the Teachers Union is to become one of the most effective and autonomous in the world.


SNER mission is to bring together teachers from different grades to quality service, to strengthen their defense and protect their rights, improve their living conditions in terms of socio-economic and professional and to promote quality of Education.