SNER congress is the supreme organ that is held once in five years. It is a meeting in which teachers’ delegates from all districts meet to evaluate the ending term and to take strategic orientation to guide the union in the coming five years. It is attended by more than 200 participants including districts teachers’ representatives, districts women teachers’ representatives, districts young teachers’ representatives, the national union leadership, local and international guests.
During the congress, SNER delegates from all districts elect their national leaders to mean the National executive committee (NEC) and adopt the strategic plan for the next period. It is under this congress that changes of the constitution and other regulation materials are adopted
Under the SNER congress it is held the Women teachers’ round table. It is attended by respective representatives from districts, national committee and invited guests.
The SNER congress 2017 was held on the 14th to 15th October at Kigali convention center-KIGALI.
The SNER 4th congress was officially opened by Honorable the minister for primary and secondary education Dr. Isaac MUNYAKAZI who thanked SNER to extend the invitation to MINEDUC. He also said that the ministry of education is happy to see teachers joining hands together and look for own solutions to their problems. He said that the government of Rwanda knows teachers’ problems and is always looking for means of handling them. This is where programs to improve the welfare and working conditions of teachers are and will continue to be implemented. These are like Umwalimu SACCO and its good services, Girinka mwalimu program, one laptop per teacher, special statutes governing teachers, etc.
He highlighted that education is a key pillar to the development of any nation and called all teachers to quality service, (Quality education), for the future of our nation. He thanked and welcomed union programs that aim on finding teachers solutions and promised the cooperation from the ministry he represents to improve the welfare of teachers and quality education.
During this congress delegates also adopted the strategic plan 2018-2022, the action plan 2018, and the financial report 2017.
The congress also adopted the proposal of the new union constitution to make SNER a union for all teachers from pre-primary education to higher education.

(The Itorero of G.S Rugando performing during the congress)

(From left: Mr. HARELIMANA Faustin SG SNER, Hon. Dr. Isaac MUNYAKAZI Minister for primary and secondary education, Mr. Flemming Sorensen DLF International Secretary and Mr. MUBERA Martin President of CESTRAR)

(Hon. Dr. Isaac MUNYAKAZI addressing the congress)

(Mr. MANZI Eric Secretary General CESTRAR)

(Mrs. UWUMUKIZA Francoise President of the national women council)

(Mrs. UWAMBAJE Laurence Director General of UMWALIMU SACCO promised that her institution will continue to offer quality service to teachers)

(Mr. MUDZO Nzili President Kenya National Union of Teachers-KNUT speaking on behalf of FEATU)

(Mr. BIRABONEYE Africain, Deputy Secretary General CESTRAR)

(Mr. KAREMERA MWEBAZE Ignatius SNER Chairperson)

(Mr. HARELIMANA Faustin SNER Secretary General)

(Mrs. MUKANGANGO Stephanie SNER Deputy Secretary General)

The congress elected the new national executive committee for the period 2018-2022. The elected NEC members are:
SNER Chairperson: KAREMERA MWEBAZE Ignatius
SNER Vice chairperson: MUKABARIHO Agathe
SNER Secretary General: HARELIMANA Faustin
SNER Deputy Secretary General: MUKANGANGO Stéphanie
SNER Treasurer: IRAGUHA Marie Claire
Women teachers’ representative: UGIRIHIRWE Alodie
Young teachers’ representative: NYIRABATONI Marie Chantal
Representative of Primary teachers: UWITONZE Gaetan
Representative of Secondary teachers: KWIZERA Jean de Dieu
Representative of teachers in Higher education: KAMPIRE Jane

(The new SNER National Executive Committee Elected)

(The new National Executive Committee elected posing for a picture with guests)

(Mrs. IRAGUHA Marie Claire SNER national Treasurer)

(Mrs. NYIRABATONI Marie Chantal SNER National young teachers’ Representative)

(Mr. Flemming Sorensen DLF International Secretary congratulating the elected Higher Education Teachers’ representative Mrs. KAMPIRE Jane)

(Women teachers’ network committee elected during the women teachers’ roundtable)

Written by Aphrodis NIYONSHUTI
Posted By Minega Paul


The vision of the Teachers Union is to become one of the most effective and autonomous in the world.


SNER mission is to bring together teachers from different grades to quality service, to strengthen their defense and protect their rights, improve their living conditions in terms of socio-economic and professional and to promote quality of Education.